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See the 50th Birthday EVG Life Size
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Make this 50th  Birthday Memorable

 "It was the perfect present for the 50th Birthday Party! We bought one. Printed it out for him and then printed four more as  center-pieces for the tables." All for only $15.95

Quick, Easy & Only $15.95
delivered for you or to you ...

Both sides of their 50th Birthday Eventagram
contain Fun Things about Them,
Their Birth Date and
This Special 50th Birthday!

Order the 50th Birthday Eventagram today.
Emailed copy's are delivered instantly. Consider
adding a Dual-sided Eventagram Viewing Frame
... they preserve, protect and look fabulous!

Laser Printed and/or Framed Copies sent next day out
Priority Mail and typically delivered in 3 to 4 days.

Copyright 2001-2014 

The two-sided 50th Birthday Eventagram contains 250 Fun Things about them.

Individualized to Their:
Name - Birthdate - Day - Month - Year -
Age- State - Gender &
This Special 50th Birthday!

plus Your Personal Greeting,
Then delivered instantly to you!

The Cars, Coins, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Major Events, Milestones, Cost of Things, State Stats & History, Inovations, Winners, Taxes, Toys
and much more about their 50th Birthday!

100% Guaranteed to exceed their
... yours too!


Perfect for ANY Birthday from January 1, 1920 thru this year or next!

  FOR THEM - The Memorable Gift!

  • 250 Fun Things all about
    Them & Their 50th Birthday!
  • Complete with your personal
  • Suitable for Framing & Display
  • No two are ever the same!

  FOR YOU - Fast, Fun & Affordable!

  • Delivered instantly to you by email,
  • On time all the time.
  • Printed and Printed & Framed editions available



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Nothing quite like an Eventagram!
No two 50th Birthday Eventagrams are the same ...
even 50th Birthday Eventagrams for
identical twins are different!

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eventagram.com delivers entertaining and memorable gifts suitable for framing.  Each dual-sided, attractive gift is uniquely crafted to the recipient by our extensive Date-A-Base, according to basic information you supply.  Your personal greeting and your electronic signature are included.  Each eventagram notice is delivered for you, on time by e-mail or it is FREE!  Every eventagram is an Adobe Acrobat pdf designed for display and can be printed on any inkjet or laser printer, no other program needed for their 50th Birthday Eventagram.